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This will be for 12 months and will include the following:

- Free 90X Planners 
- Coaching Calls 
- New Business Modules Every Month 
- New Training Every Month 
- Social Media Growth
- Accountability partners
- Email Marketing / FB Ads
- Branding & Marketing 
- Increasing Sales
- Hiring for your Business 
- eCommerce / Product Creation
- Expert Speakers + so much more

The doors are open, but not for long! We will be closing down shortly, so make sure to act now and join the community!
Because although I will be opening the doors again in the future, I can promise you this, the price will NOT be this low ever again!

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Get a 90X Goal planner or Action planner for ONLY $12.95 being that you are a member of the 90X community.

After being a member for 90 days you will receive a planner and you only have to pay shipping. 

This is just an option for you to receive an additional planner if you choose to.