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The 90X Goal Planner PDF The proven goal-setting system in pdf format. Online editing capabilities and access to print. At 90X, it’s about setting a goal, taking action and accomplishing that goal. That why we are willing to give away a free version of our book for free. Our system works. We have countless testimonies from motivate people from all walks of life including life coaches, business owners, students and entrepreneurs just to name a few. Don’t wait. The best time to start is Now. Failing only exist if you stop, and give in to defeat. You will win. Be the 3%. Set goals and achieve more. Step your goal big. Never lower your standards. Keep them high.

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TAKE ACTION NOW: jump start the next 90 days and hit your goals! Whether health, career, or personal this planner will finally help you make it happen. Join the thousands of people taking back control of their lives. Are you next?

 CRUSH YOUR GOALS: inspirational and motivational quotes throughout will boost your happiness and productivity. Develop a passion for planning and staying organized. Set goals, take notes, cross off to-do-list items and win.

 DAILY, WEEKLY, MONTHLY: minimalist undated calendar days allow you to start when you get the planner. You can write your own dates in or just journal on the go. We’ve added tons of blank space for you to use for reflecting, thinking, doodling, and getting your ideas down on paper. Monthly and weekly calendar overviews for you to plan ahead special events or activities. Getting organized starts here.

 WORK THE SYSTEM: the easy to follow system will help you figure out your goals, set, and follow through on them. Using a scientific approach there are five separate sections set-up based on the laws of attraction and a proven step-by-step formula for your success. Work the system and the system will work for you.



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90X Goal Planner

A Proven 90-Day Goal Setting System

Vision Board: Dream Big. Brainstorm & Free Your Mind

Daily: Top 5 Goals, Plan AM/PM, Track Habits & Progress

Weekly: Plan Out Entire Week Day-by-Day

Monthly: Undated 30 Day Personal Calendar with Notes

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